Homo Demo

by Closet Burner

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Music recorded in Nathalies basement. Vocals recorded in Nathalie's dining room.


released November 23, 2011



all rights reserved


Closet Burner Galesburg, Illinois

Up the Queers. Smash the State. Hate the Cops. Love All Cats.

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Track Name: Under the Radar
sick of hearing the same old shit
same ideas, recycled thoughts.
where's my representation? am I accepted?
is it ok? am I accepted?
came here to find peace from suffering in this bullshit society. now I feel the same as before. no one else cares. I'm out of place. I won't let it be that way for me or anyone else. I won't let it be that way. been here all along and we're here to stay. under the radar. fuck you, we exist, don't forget it.
Track Name: Overcumming
you hate yourself because of your own needs. i know it’s hard when you feel wrong, when you feel diseased. it’s a shame. you’ll take it to your grave. it’s not your fault that you’re holding on to a destructive mindset that oppresses your honesty. you hate yourself when you feel diseased.
Track Name: Misinformation=Confiscation
False ideas of identity. You're misinformed, you're pushing policies with a lack of knowledge who are you to decide what makes a woman and what makes a man?

Ignorant minds are calling order on something that they don't understand.

Why give a fuck what someone has?
Consider who they are instead of what they lack.
Pigs in power just don't fucking get it.
Always quick to push offensive bullshit.

Transgender people are stigmatized,
being told how to live their lives
as if they're all the fucking same
in a game they're forced to play
for what makes proper public display.
Track Name: Gay Majority
throw them in a camp. make them fucking pray. manipulate and brainwash. god hates the gays.
Track Name: Think Again
i’m so sick of shit being normal. he goes with she, there’s no other way to be. annoying assumptions are so hard to avoid of what i am and the life i choose to lead. i don’t identify with society’s prototype of relationships because it’s a fucking lie. the media perpetuates an image of normalcy that dismisses my lifestyle and continues to silence me. so you should think again and see what’s wrong. you should think again. this social ignorance is still so strong. open your eyes, and see what’s wrong. open your eyes, and see what’s really going on.
Track Name: Same World
so sure of what we are. so sure of what we do. trapped in that frame of mind, but you really don’t have a clue. so worried about what could happen now that your masculinity is threatened. restrictions are set to keep us to ourselves based on ignorant viewpoints. can't you tell that we are the same in our desires and in our aims, to seek out loyalty and connection and attraction? and though those attractions may be different, it doesn’t mean that we are perverted beings. it's the same world. it's the same.
Track Name: Taught to Accept Defeat
there’s no protection in the classroom. there's no protection in the streets. there’s no protection for your livelihood when you’re taught to accept defeat. completely beaten, a life destroyed, robbed of freedom, and driven to suicide. if you could only witness the turmoil, if you could only feel the pain of a child who’s been cast down and beaten and taught to accept defeat. completely beaten, a life destroyed, robbed of freedom, and driven to suicide.