Disappointment. Death. Dishonor.

by Closet Burner

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released July 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Closet Burner Galesburg, Illinois

Up the Queers. Smash the State. Hate the Cops. Love All Cats.

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Track Name: Gay Edge
Jumping on, dropping out
when it works for you.
In your heart, in your mind
is it true?
For me it’s mental, not that simple,
what’s it to you?
Maybe I shouldn’t question,
but I also know I can’t assume.

I’m so confused,
but it’s for you to choose
your identity and who you do.
Just let it come through.

I know it’s not a duality,
it’s your sexuality.
Track Name: Abandonment in Cycles
Daily needs,
can’t afford to live.
Life cut short
with so much left to give.

The expectation,
the standard,
the function.
Lurking in a world
hell-bent on consumption.

Bodies used.
Forced abuse,
being blocked from refuge.

Abandonment in cycles.
Track Name: Straight Hate
Fuck the president.
Fuck the senate.
Fuck the congress.
Fuck the privileged few who dare not walk among us.
Fuck the prisons.
Fuck the judge.
Fuck prosecution.
Fuck systematic slavery and execution.

Straight hate.
Track Name: Kill For Acceptance
Recruit the best
For the government’s mess
All inclusive
Would you kill for acceptance?

Killing for acceptance

A targeted investment
Deploy the troops
Rainbow battalions
Be all that you can be

Killing for acceptance
Track Name: Reform
What’s the new trend?
How long will we pretend
that life is a movie,
and we’re reaching the end?

You see what you see.
They get what they want.
Think it’s change?
It’s all a stunt.

The slow digestion
of a polluted message.
Living the dream?
A shitty investment.

Consuming the façade
to build their capital: it’s a fraud.

You think the work is done.
Track Name: Queer Elite
Nose in the fucking air.
You don’t seem to care.
You’ve got all the right friends.
Up with all the trends.

All the latest buzzwords.
You just sound absurd.
Reciting all the theories.
Out of touch with reality.

Queer elite.

Constant disagreement.
Always stuck on one side.
Privileged militant cesspool.
Can’t just live our lives.
Track Name: Safety Is Hollow
Spent so long in the shadows.
Safety is hollow.
Now it’s all straight and common place.
We must follow.

Backwards to a life that’s complacent and had.
Part of the machine that left so many dead.
Our lives were borrowed, now our safety is hollow.

Safety is hollow.
Track Name: Empty Promise
Bones are breaking
busy pressure and crushing sound
normal functions
left to stumble and hit the ground

same problems exist
more money to solve them

reporting numbers
securing funders
doing just enough for it to count
while populations suffer
Track Name: Grave Hole
Never meant to survive.
Hitting walls and losing sight.
Afraid of what’s around the corner.
More disappointment, death, and dishonor.

Believing it’s absolute,
seeing no end,
like breaking free
will never happen.
Track Name: Still Broken
Beat by partners.
Raped by cops.
Trapped in prisons.
Slaving crops.

Left with no home.
Dependent on drugs.
Sex to survive.
It never stops.

Lied to and told it’s alright,
but a straight, white cis-tem
means we’ll always have to fight.

Denied as humans
by those worshiping the state.
Creating the struggle to use it as bate.

Led to believe,
taught to deceive,
fucked up on greed
while the rest die and bleed.
Track Name: Illness, Fear, and Greed
There’s been progress,
so much more that we now know.
Historical traumas
make the healing happen slow.

Education in hopes of smashing fear.
Hetero bureaucracies
don’t value our lives.
They’ve made it clear.

Money tied up in progress
while populations atrophy.
United we stand in illness, fear, and greed.

Limits of progress.
No education.
Binary bureaucracies.
Track Name: Saving Grace
New Age missionaries
Build a new flock
Gay savior media
Investing in its stock

Bucket lists for a travel fix
Fix a problem that doesn’t exist
Shape and define with Western complexity
Rainbow identities creating new enemies

Operate to save without context
Concepts of self - shaped by someone else

Making it your affair
Your realities don’t compare
Track Name: Reduced
You are not me.
You haven’t seen what I’ve seen .
You haven’t felt what I’ve felt.
You don’t know what I mean.

Try to find connection in false relatability.
Just accept the fact that you have no validity.
Stuck inside the mindset that you can understand.
While you create the struggle and wear it like a brand.

Dismissed by being told we’re the fucking same.
Took the opportunity for your own fame.
Used it to get the attention you need.
Conditioned to never let privilege concede.

Steal the glory, steal the shine,
now i’m taking back what’s mine.

Sometimes I find myself seeking comfort in others who will never understand only to be dismissed and ignored, feeling more along than before. You think I’m too much in my own mind? Want me to see things from your side? But you will never know what it’s like, you will never understand. You lie.
Track Name: Choose Your Weapon
Trapped in a corner, and I can’t breath.
Hetero-culture is smothering me.

They want us normal.
They want us to breed.

Choose your weapon, or they’ll succeed.

Policing gender,
policing sex life.
Defend yourself,
prepare to fight.

The tools of sickness
are fucking relentless.
So many odds
stacked against us.
Track Name: Feel Their Pain
Music and Lyrics by INSTED:

Take your place at the table.
You don't give a damn.
The tradition of killing
is the downfall of man.

Who set the laws
on who lives and who dies?
For human satisfaction
the animals fucking cry.

Hear my words.
Feel their pain.
Eating their flesh,
you have nothing to gain.

A moral opposition
to the murdering of animals.
It's my philosophy.
To take life is criminal.

The smiling clown
for the billions served
represents to me
bloodshed undeserved.

Hear my words.
Feel their pain.
Eating their flesh,
you have nothing to gain.

Excuses, excuses is what I hear for life, for life it's so unfair.
Feel their pain, please.
Track Name: Object of Disgust
Beds are made for sleeping
But I am shame in your dreams
Stimulate your panic and fear
Hearing the pleasure in your screams

I’ve been bread in hostile climate
Tamed to the hand of normalcy
Building a war of what sex is for
Pushing the limits of our bodies
My thoughts are vile--full of denial
So keep me in the shadows of what you desire

Faggot sex
Homo vex
Open holes
Dead souls
Cum inside
Make me hide
Gender fucked
Push your luck
Track Name: Next on the Agenda
An atrocity uncovered, one that distracts from another
From colonial occupation to racial caste segregation
Mass incarceration
It’s the…
Law of the land – captured through a war of conspiracy
Intent of enslavement - pulled apart and denied from the start
Furthering the punishment – abused for your otherness
Targeted through draconian laws – racist cops deployed for the cause

Death to the legacy of Reaganomics
Death to the free-market slave state
Fate of the impoverished, Black, trans, and queer
The work of white tyranny is clear

The work of its tyranny is still here
Over 2 million captives
Exploited and recycled for their labor
Prison’s operate in the gay white power’s favor