Choose Your Weapon

by Closet Burner

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Tour Tape. Recorded by the band in our basement/practice space summer 2015.

Artwork by Scout Wolfcave and Izzy Jarvis


released August 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Closet Burner Galesburg, Illinois

Up the Queers. Smash the State. Hate the Cops. Love All Cats.

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Track Name: Choose Your Weapon - FULL ALBUM
---safety is hollow---

spent so long in the shadows
safety is hollow
now it’s all straight and commonplace
we must follow backwards to a life that’s complacent and had
part of the machine that’s left so many dead
our lives were borrowed now our safety is hollow

---queer elite---

nose in the fucking air
you don’t seem to care
you’ve got all the right friends
up with all the new trends
all the latest buzzwords
you just sound absurd
reciting all the theories
out of touch with reality
queer elite
constant disagreement
always stuck on one side
privileged militant cesspool
can’t just live our lives

---straight hate---

fuck the president
fuck the senate
fuck the congress
fuck the privileged few who dare not walk among us
fuck the prisons
fuck the judge
fuck prosecution
fuck your systematic slavery and execution
straight hate


you are not me
you haven’t seen what i’ve seen
you haven’t felt what i’ve felt
you don’t know what i mean

try to find connection in false relatability
just accept the fact that you have no validity
stuck inside the mindset that you can understand
while you create the struggle and wear it like a brand
dismissed by being told we’re the fucking same
took the opportunity for your own fame
used it to get the attention you need
conditioned to never let privilege concede

steal the glory, steal the shine, now i’m taking back what’s mine

sometimes i find myself seeking comfort in others who will never understand, only to be dismissed and ignored, fading into the background, voiceless and beaten down more than before. you think i’m too much in my own mind? want me to see things from your side? but you will never know what it’s like, you will never understand. you lie.


what’s the new trend?
how long will we pretend that life is a movie and we’re reaching the end?

you see what you see, they get what they want
think it’s change? it’s all a stunt
the slow digestion of a polluted message
living the dream: a shitty investment

consuming the façade to build their capital: it’s a fraud

you think the work is done
how long will we pretend?

---still broken---

beat by partners
raped by cops
trapped in prisons
slaving crops

left with no home
dependent on drugs
sex to survive
it never stops

lied to and told it’s alright
but a straight white cis-tem means we’ll always have to fight
denied as humans by those worshiping the state
creating the struggle to use it as bate
led to believe, taught to deceive
fucked up on greed while the rest die and bleed

---choose your weapon---

backed in the corner, and i can’t breath
hetero culture smothering me
they want us normal, they want us to breed
choose your weapon or they’ll succeed

policing gender, policing sex life
defend yourself, prepare to fight
the tools of sickness are fucking relentless
so many odds stacked against us

---boring conversations---
originally by: Honey Bane